Tales and Talk of Pet Sitting

I wanted to give you a place where we share a few stories, have a light-hearted look at the breeds of animals we care for (they aren’t always what the kennel clubs tell us!), and for me to recollect on life as a pet sitter without trying to find the proper page to put it on. Not everything is business. We’re in this for the enjoyment too!

Tales and Talk of Pet Sitting is just that place! I hope to hear from you too if you’d like to share a story!

What You’ll Find in Our “Tales and Talk of Pet Sitting” Section

Once I have enough articles I’ll section them off…but for now, enjoy browsing all in one place.

We’re continually updating this page to reflect new articles added to the blog, so please check back often.

Tales and Talk of Pet Sitting

The One-Handed Poo-Bag Tie-Up (Sorry…but it was one of life’s funnier moments)

Doggy Door Opener (Dogs can be amazingly skilled when they want to get into the cupboard!)

The Sewing Pet Sitter (It’s not ALL fun. Sometimes I have to sew-up the stuffed toys!)

Golden Retrievers – Part One (It’s a look at the breed from a lifetime of living with them.)

Canaries…Smart and Curious (The things I never knew about Canaries)

Living Life on the Edge…the Pet Sitter (We lead a crazy…sometimes dangerous life!)

Bernese Mountain Dogs (I love them all…but brace yourself if you look after one!)

Does Your Client Have a Cat Burglar in the House? (It’s not only dogs who can open doors!)

Jack Russell Terriers – The Devil’s in the Eyes (They’re fun and we love them…but watch out out…they’re moody.)

What My Canary Taught Me (We had Tweet for just six months…but the lesson lives forever.)



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