As Pet Sitters we spend our days doing something others only dream of…enjoying our work and caring for animals. Now YOU can too!

The Pet Sitting Life guides you from those first moments when thoughts of pet sitting first enter your mind…to your first interaction with clients and those very important first pet sits and beyond. Most of all… we help you build a relationship with the animals you’ll come to know and love.

Let’s get started!

Are you ready to be a pet sitter?

Are You Ready?

Before you start your pet sitting business…let’s see if you’re ready for the job! Our two “Are You Ready to be a Pet Sitter” articles give you an overview of what to expect.

Getting Started with the Business of Pet Sitting

Start by Naming Your Pet Sitting Business…then learn about schedules, first phone calls, and meet-and-greets from the Business tab of our Business Skills for Pet Sitters page.

On the Job as a Pet Sitter

Learn how to handle First Pet Sits, Working with Nervous Dogs, and a few of the things that happen every day on the job. Read all these and more in our “On the Job” section.

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The Sewing Pet Sitter

The Sewing Pet Sitter

My mother was an evening gown designer. She grew up in Dublin and during the war she made costumes for England's Royal Ballet. She made an evening gown for legendary actress Maureen O'Hara, and when she moved to Canada she was sought after by Toronto's finest bridal...

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Doggy Door Opener

Doggy Door Opener

After a lifetime of living with Golden Retrievers and years of pet sitting, I thought I'd seen most everything. Dogs opening doors? Sure. Some have been trained to pull on a rope to open it or if the door is left ajar they'll use their nose to wiggle into the crack...

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