Look After Yourself Pet Sitter

Look After Yourself Pet Sitter

You’re no good to the animals or to you if you’re run-down, cranky, or ill! You need to look after yourself, too. And when you can’t work…have a contingency plan in place.

In this section we’ll look at pacing yourself on your calls and between calls. On paper the day doesn’t seem too busy. Every visit takes up just one little space in your appointment book. But you still have to get there, play-walk-talk-hug the animal, write the note, and drive yourself to the next place. Sometimes you’ll have a few calls first thing in the morning, then four or five more at lunchtime, another few at dinner, and a couple more for bed. Remember to…somewhere in there…Take Time for Yourself.

If you’re feeling a little jumpy yourself. If you’ve overbooked or been delayed, the tension will come across to the animals you visit and they’ll tense up too! When a visit suddenly feels Too Hectic, even if you’re spending the usual amount of time there, take a step back, regroup, look at the expression on the dog’s face, and breathe!

Sometimes you can’t help it…you’re ill…your car has broken down…you’re stuck in traffic, and you have a pet sit to do. We all need a Contingency Plan. Make yours before you find yourself scrambling for help!

Look for these and more article on the fun and frantic life of being a pet sitter and how you can look after yourself to enjoy every day with the pets you look after.

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