Getting Started as a Pet Sitter

Have you ever wondered why animal care as a career appeals to you? People often look at the lovely warm and fuzzy side of pet sitting and dog walking…the tummy rubs and walks…but they haven’t weighed the fun alongside the physical ability, time availability, experience, safety, and the business elements they need to do the job.

The articles in this section help you decide if pet sitting is a realistic choice for you. Once you’re ready to jump in…continue on to the Business Skills and Marketing sections for your first steps in starting a business and getting clients. After that, take a look at the On the Job section for information on how to make those important first visits!

Are you ready to get started as a pet sitter? Let’s go!

Are You Ready to be a Pet Sitter? Part One

Are You Ready to be a Pet Sitter? Part Two

Contingency Plans for Pet Sitters

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