First Pet Sits

What You’ll Find in First Pet Sits

Now that you have your business set up, your first phone calls and meet-and-greets behind you, and your schedule is starting to fill, it’s time to get down to the real business of pet sitting!First pet sits

Let’s start here with the basics…your first pet sit. Whether you’ll be visiting a dog, cat, bird, or other animal, always remember that you are a stranger going into the animals’ home. Despite having met you with their humans, when they’re alone, animals feel the weight of their job to protect the family home. Help your new friends balance their duty with their nerves by being respectful.

In our “You’ve Arrived” series, we walk you through a few scenarios to help make you feel at ease. Every visit will be different but even knowing that is a step in the right direction for being prepared. In the Everyday Pet Sitting tab you’ll find our two-part series of articles on dealing with Nervous Dogs as well.

Jump in anywhere and enjoy. Drop me an email through the Contact form too, or make a comment at the bottom of the article if you have any questions.


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