Everyday Pet Sitting

What You’ll Find in Everyday Pet Sitting

Once your first pet sits are behind you, enjoy the moment and give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it!

Now…it’s time to do it again, only different! Every day you go out, even if it’s to see the same dogs and cats, and every day the visits will change. The animals have good days and bad – they’re excited over something that happened that morning or feel ill from sticking their head in the garbage the night before. You’ll have days where you’re brighter and others where you’d rather be tucked up in bed with a book.

Here’s where you’re efforts in building a relationship and trust with the dog or cat pays off. You’ll get to know each other’s moods and adjust the day to suit. Have a look at our page on Animal Relationships for more on this.

In this Everyday Pet Sitting section, we’ve included a cross-section of the ordinary and not-so-ordinary events and routines you’ll find in your career as a pet sitter.

Let’s get to it!

First Pet Sits with a Nervous Dog – Part 1

First Pet Sits with a Nervous Dog – Part 2

Cat Sitting Visits

12 Hazardous Conditions for Exploring Dogs

Never Feed Your Cat or Dog these Foods!

Doggy Play Days (not every visit should be a walk)

Checking Departure and Arrival Times of Pet Owners

Teach Confidence to the Dogs and Cats You Look After

Make the Most of Your Pet Sitting Notes

Introducing New Dogs to Your Boarders

Older Dogs – Giving Them Quality Pet Sits

When the Pet Sits Don’t Go As Planned

Routines for Pets – While at Home or Boarding

Surviving the Holiday Crazies

The One-Handed Poo-Bag Tie-Up (A light-hearted look at a recent close encounter of mine!)

Pet Poop Pick-Up (The “Flinger” is a tempting but not always viable option, by the way!)

How the weather affects your job as a pet sitter as well as the animals’ safety is an important point to consider. Not all sitters plan this out sufficiently, especially if they set up shop during the spring or summer.

In icy conditions, put your safety first – “Stay Upright on Slippery Roads!”

Worried about the pups paws? Read, “Cold Paws in Freezing Temperatures.”

Is it too dangerous to drive but the client hasn’t cancelled? Maybe you should ask…

“Is Checking for a Pet Sitting Cancellation Rude?”

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