Business Skills for Pet Sitters

What You’ll Find in the Business Skills Section

In this section we’ll help you work-through the starting stages of your new business. We’ll share the ups and downs of naming your company, help you handle your first phone calls and meet-and-greets, and give you a feel for working with your new clients.

Regional Legal Necessities

To get your business running, first check into any licenses you might need to run a business in your area. You’ll also want to find a unique business name to register, and to purchase pet sitting insurance. Every country and region has its own set of rules, so do some homework before you jump in. Once you’ve got these legal basics behind you, you’re ready to get started.


And here we go!

Name Your Pet Sitting Business

Setting-Up Your Pet Sitting Schedule

Your First Phone Call – Get Started! Part One

Your First Phone Call – Who Are You? Part Two

The Meet-and-Greet – Part One

The Meet-and-Greet – Part Two

Puppy Potty Brakes – Yes or No for Your Business?

Checking Departure and Arrival Times of Pet Owners

Is Checking for a Pet Sitting Cancellation Rude?

Client Instructions…Beware the Inner Voice to Rebel

Tell that Pet Sitting Client, “You’re Fired!”

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