After a lifetime of living with Golden Retrievers and years of pet sitting, I thought I’d seen most everything. Dogs opening doors? Sure. Some have been trained to pull on a rope to open it or if the door is left ajar they’ll use their nose to wiggle into the crack and push it open.

But have you ever seen a dog open one of those cupboard doors that click shut on a magnet and you have to push it in for it to pop back open for you?

I thought I was imagining it the first time our most recent boarder came up to a closet, tipped his snout downward, and used the flat of his head to push into the door and then backed up to watch it open. He’d stayed with us previously and had never done it…so I can only guess he’s been snoozing with one eye open around their place and learning the tricks.

Our furry doggy door opener gave it a try on a few normal doors and most didn’t work for him so he gravitated back to the closets that did. Smart guy…I know where I won’t be hiding the kibble or treats from now on!

Until next time…take care out there!

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