Sometimes we’re so busy doing our job of dog walking that we forget dogs are social animals. Yes, they need to get out to do their business, and it’s important they have exercise, but is a walk always essential?

When we were going through our first year of business, we ran into days that were too hot, too cold, or just not fun to walk in. The dogs did what they had to do when they hit the outdoors and then they gave us…the look. You know the one. It goes something like this, “Are you out of your mind? I’m not walking in this! Why are we still out here?” That was the start of our doggy play days.

Play days have turned into an important part of our pet sitting business because it’s when we play that we really get to know each other. We laugh, we bark (well…one of us does), and we jump and run and try to pull a fast one on our opponent during stuffed animal or ball games. We’re tired out by the end of it and we’ve had the best time because we’ve shared time.

Walking together is great, but playing together creates bonds. Add a little playtime to your mix of visits and you’ll notice the whole relationship with the dogs you care for will change…in a good way.