I was thinking about what to write tonight, and wanting to find a great topic, but the day has been hectic and I nearly gave up on the blog this evening. Fortunately, hectic is a lifestyle my husband and I have learned to work with in pet sitting, as we all do. So I thought it might be a topic of interest to other sitters.

The important thing for new sitters to realize is, you can’t take that breathless, hyper, emotion of “hecticness” to your pet sits with you. The animals will pick it up in a heartbeat. They immediately get wound up, worrying what they did to upset you (I’m assuming…but they do get worry all over their faces), and your visit won’t be fun. Not only that, but you might get a text or call from the mom later in the day wondering why ¬†Buttons was so hyper when she got home. And it only takes a couple of visits like that before you’re not invited back again. I know…we’ve been the sitters who followed on the heels of ¬†pet sitters who stressed-out the clients’ dogs once too often.

Remind yourself to take a breath between visits or whatever your last activity was, and put a smile on your face that reaches your heart. Then walk through the door.

That was the solution for me this evening. After a crazy day at the office while my husband did the pet sitting today, and looking after five dogs (from one family) at our home this week… I was ready to curl up with a book tonight. I SO didn’t feel like heading out in the dark into a windy snowy freezing cold night to see a dog. But I did. I thought about the wee thing curled up in her crate for hours needing a hug (and a pee!) And when I found her, she was shaking…and barking… with nerves. But when I left, she had a smile on her face and curled up in her bed ready for her parents to come home. I remembered to be there for her…and leave my annoyance with the weather outside with it.

Not only that, but as is the case almost 100% of the time…spending time with the dog was better than any book would have been. There’s nothing like our furry friends to show us how to release a hectic day.

Until next time, have fun out there!

(PS…the photo is NOT the dog I visited tonight!)