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12 Hazardous Conditions for Exploring Dogs

Where I live in Canada, snow covers the ground all winter and spring is the first time we see the earth for six months. When the snow melts, it’s a great time for pet sitters to remember to take stock in safety measures for themselves and the dogs they’re with, too....

What My Canary Taught Me

If you look back at my post on December 30 of last year, you’ll see my spotlight article on canaries…and more specifically on Tweet, the canary we fostered for a friend’s mother. Well…it turned out we did get to keep Tweet as our own and we had...

Cat Sitting Visits

Cats can be wary during your first cat sitting visit to their home. The kitty who sat in your lap during the meet-and-greet might be in hiding, hissing at you from across the room (or at your leg), or purring and all set to show you exactly where her food and litter...
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